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Authored by Tony Robbins

With all that is going on today, there have been many choices of what to focus on, which meanings to assign, and the emotions we feel as a result.

There also have been many calls to action, from government guidelines to suggestions from the community via social media posts. We are being inundated with advice on how to take care of ourselves, how to stay productive while working remotely, and ways that we can be considerate of others in need.

But as leaders, our #1 responsibility is to focus on who we can help. Most of you know that the one question that Tony Robbins asks himself is, “How can I help?” His goal is to serve, and his highest imperative as a leader is to ask, how can I use this? What is the empowering meaning?

We believe that:

In life, we must see things as they are – but not worse than they are. Seeing things as worse than they are is one way that people connect – they commiserate – which brings temporary pleasure. But what if you chose to see things in a more realistic, less sensational light? To be clear, you don’t want to hide from facts, pretend like nothing happened. But you don’t want to make it worse than it is.

Then, as a leader, you must see things as better than they are. Because if you don’t see it better, with no compelling future, then there is no action. That’s what a leader does. They create a vision for more and they bring the emotion that’s missing. If you bring the same emotion as everyone else, you’ve done nothing to lead; you’ve just followed. Leaders aren’t always liked, they aren’t always appreciated, but they always serve. Because a real leader is here to serve, not their own needs but the greater good.

Once you can see it better than it is, that will move you to take action, to do something to make it better. See it as it is, then see it better than it is, and then make it the way you now see it. And at some level, no matter how small it is, every small action helps to make something happen. Action shows caring, and caring is really just consciousness – awareness of others and their needs.

So this coming week, focus on what you can do to help. And if you need strength, find it in gratitude. What are you grateful for in your life? What gifts have been given to you for a reason, so that your joy can reach out and touch somebody, so the additional abundance you have can touch someone – those in pain, and those who are happy, to become even more happy. There is no limit to what gratitude can generate.


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