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We’re “building your business for tomorrow” - An industry first end to end program supporting all three stages of business.

5 Module Program

Methodology Process



In this module, Mortgage and Finance Brokers can expect to learn strategies to maintain a focused healthy mindset and coping techniques to support a balanced lifestyle.

The BBB™ takes Brokers on a transformational journey, beginning with their WHY and anchoring this to their purpose and ultimate lifestyle.  It all starts with a healthy mind, body and spirit. Reducing stress, overwhelm, making sure each day begins with purpose, structure, energy and showing up fully committed to achieving goals.

It all starts with you!!


Sales Strategies

In this module Mortgage and Finance Brokers can expect to learn the true meaning behind relationship building when providing client solutions and best customer outcomes.  Sales strategies are most effective when you know who you are talking to.

The BBB™ guides Brokers through a modern buyer led approach to converting leads and prospects.  Imagine clients seeking a Brokers services out rather than Brokers having to sell themselves to their clients.  An exciting strategy – leading with a mindset of “serving” instead of one based on a transaction.



In this module Mortgage and Finance Brokers can expect to establish three basic foundations – to be Known. Liked and Trusted by their ideal clients.  Marketing strategy starts with a niche, understanding your ideal avatar and building trust and authority within your Tribe.

The BBB™ helps Brokers become a specialist not a generalist using the 4 pillars of marketing – social media (FB, LinkedIn, Website, IG), LAM, CRM Marketing, and Business Referral Partners. With a client’s journey typically starting online, Brokers MUST get visible to increase lead generation and prospecting.


Business Processes and Operations

In this Module Mortgage and Finance Brokers can expect to learn how to map out their processes, leverage off their Aggregator platforms, find efficiencies and stay on top of their tax and legal obligations,

The BBB™ helps Brokers unpack their end to end lending processes, how to automate, build their CRMs, build their Standard Operating Procedures, remain compliant with their business operations, know their numbers, build their business goals and learn to pivot.


Lending 102

In this module, Mortgage and Finance Brokers can expect to learn both basic and advanced lending and compliance principles.  The largest of the 5 modules, Lending 102 shares hints, tips and case study opportunity to improve Brokers loan writing skills.

The BBB™ helps Brokers to limit rework of files, make quality submissions, improve conversions, and specialise in other lending solutions such as, self-employed, commercial, asset finance, SMSF lending, specialist lending and risk insurance.

Building your business
for tomorrow

An industry first end to end program that caters to the three stages of business

1. Foundations – start up
2. Build – Establishing a solid practice
3. Leverage – Small business/Entreprenuer – auto pilot/Succession/Exit.

Here’s a snippet
what you can expect

7 Levels Deep to your “why”
Identify your Strengths – Extracting your “Superpower”
Know your Purpose – How to extract your Mission/Vision
How to overcome FEAR, Build Confidence and Resilience.
How to Maintain a Growth Mindset.
Understanding your Focus and Belief Patterns
How To Get Productive with Time
And so much more….
Sales Strategy
Understanding Borrower Psychology
How to Close A Lead/Prospect- The Art of Conversion
How to Effectively Qualify Clients & Establish their Needs
Learning the Power of Influence
Understanding Different Borrower Personalities
How to Conduct an Effective F2F Meeting
And so much more……
How to Stand Out in a Crowded Market
How to Break Through the Noise with Content Marketing
How to Get your Target Market to Know. Like and Trust You
Branding for Authority and Trust
How to Attract Leads using Social Media Marketing
How to Create Automated Lead Generation – leads while you sleep
And so much more….
Processes and Business Operations
Learning How to Automate Processes
How to Gain a Return on Time
Understanding Compliance Documents and When to use Them
Getting the Best from your CRM
Creating Checklists by Loan Scenario
Maintaining CRM Data Integrity
Understanding Compliance Documents and When to use Them
Understanding Your Tax & Statutory Obligations
HR and Onboarding New Staff – when to recruit and how
Streamlining Resources – staff utilisation
Know your Numbers and Cashflows
How to Write a Business Plans on a Page
And so much more….
Lending 102
Getting Compliance Correct the First Time
How to Reduce File Reworking
Applying the PASS Model for Lending
Living Expenses and How to get it Right
How to Identify and Position Loan Structuring By Scenario
How to Assess a Needs Analysis
How to Prepare for Settlement
Case Studies by Scenario – e.g. FHB, construction, Refinance, Purchases, Debt Consolidation, Bridging Finance
Diversification – Asset Finance, Commercial Lending, SMSF, Personal Loans
And so much more

Formal education will make you a living;
Self education will make you a fortune.

Jim Rohn

Every person has unique gifts, and those gifts give him or her the power and the opportunity to accomplish great things.

Zig Ziglar

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