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….Its my privilege to be your trusted confidant and support. Let me tell you my story. I have lived and breathed financial services for 26 years.


“learning by trial and error”
“overwhelming and confusing high-level information”
“being all things to all people both in and out of your business”
“no one to ask for help when you need it the most”

Mortgage and Finance Brokers, I want you to stop wasting time with trial and error. I want you to know that you don’t have to fly solo. I am passionate about helping you fast track to a scaleable business, reach your ultimate level of success and create your legacies. That’s why I created My Virtual Mentor

How it all began
26 years ago

The Financial Services Industry currently has never been harder. With regulators changing the game like a revolving door, compliance getting more complex, consumers shopping habits changing, not to mention juggling work and family time and let’s not forget the pressure to be the CEO, GM, Operations Manager and the employee all at the same time. Whoa!! (Gasp for air….) – Most Brokers say to me, Sylvia I left my full-time job to become a self-employed Broker for work life balance and to become my own BOSS – but that’s just the problem.

Most Brokers are lured into the profession and sold on the fact that this is a lucrative industry. Whilst this may be true it takes a dedicated operator to learn two fundamental aspects:

1) How to be in business; and
2) How to become an expert and authority in your field.

Most small business operators make the most common MISTAKE of not asking for help!! Having a CERT IV, Diploma or even a Degree doesn’t make you an expert. It just gives you a foot in the door. Small Business owners have said to me in the past, Sylvia I like to do it my way and learn things on my own. But I look back at their journey and 2 years down the track they have made little traction, wasted time through trial and error, become overwhelmed, succumb to the pressure and the impact to their families is life changing.

You must be thinking – yeah that’s how I feel. I’m working harder than ever, with more pressure and less time with my family!! Heck its 15 years down the track and is still me, myself and I. I’m doing ok, making a living.

NO! Is that enough? Is that why you really went into business – to be OKAY!

Well let me tell you my story. I have lived and breathed financial services for 26 years. I was too embarrassed to ask for help – heck I was a CPA and had been running my professional practise for 10 years. I helped other small businesses achieve their successes, coaching and mentoring for Small Business Victoria. I thought being a broker would be in the bag. I’m pretty intelligent how hard can it be….Boy was I wrong!

I can tell you first hand, I have had two breakdowns, suffered depression, was very sick (I’m still paying the price for that one), lost who I was as a person and what mattered to me the most.

When I started Broking there was no heavy compliance requirements. No education requirements, no mentoring, poor CRM systems, no AOL, next to no digital capabilities, NO BEST PRACTISE and the list goes on. I was literally thrown in the deep end and had to learn the hard way. Coming from a compliance background and one where, as an Accountant I was highly trusted to an industry that had none of this, I struggled. Fifteen years ago the market perceptions of a Broker was BAD!! But fast forward Brokers now hold 60% of the lending market yet they are still struggling.

WHY – Well its because the very foundation of this industry has been built on a transaction – how to write a Loan and sell on price. Let me tell you other Financial Services Industries are not dissimilar.

This traditional approach as I call it, is outdated. Brokers must learn to step out of this mould and learn to be in business. They equally need to bust out of being totally dependent on themselves. There’s no work life balance there or freedom of choice!! I know many brokers who are prisoners in their own business.

Hi I’m Sylvia MacFarlaine. Your principle coach and mentor. Broking is a very unique industry and one that started with the cart before the horse so to speak. As the regulators try to reverse this start, the need for best practise, education and support has never been more necessary. In fact Brokers have voted education and training in their top 5 requirements.

I am so excited to be in your corner and provide Brokers ONGOING support. Me and my team of experts are your support network, your confidants, your sounding board, your friends and all things in between. We are not only passionate about you achieving success as a Finance and Mortgage Broker but we want you to do it for your “WHY”. We believe in Brokers, what they stand for and the value they offer.

You can get started today
with My Virtual Mentor

Get the motivation, guidance, and support you need to get your business on track. You don’t need to struggle on your own anymore!

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